Network Servers
manage your LoRaWAN devices

LoRaWAN Network Servers are the core of your LoRaWAN network. They manage sensors and gateways to ensure secure data capture and delivery. The INDICIUM DataBus offers many fully integrated solutions for integrating LoRaWAN data into your solution.


LORIOT is a professional enterprise grade LoRaWAN Network Server solution. They provide fully managed solutions using public cloud infrastructure, through to private on-premise deployments to meet a customer's specific requirements.

The INDICIUM DataBus is fully compatible with the LORIOT solution to provide a gateway to collect, decode, process, analyse and store data from your LORIOT instance.



The Things Network

The Things Network (TTN) is a great way to get started with LoRaWAN technologies, with a great community of users available to offer support and ideas.

The INDICIUM DataBus uses its TTN plugin to connect to The Things Network via MQTT to stream data into your IoT solution.

Build a solution that meets your requirements for reliability, security and functionality. Leverage the INDICIUM DataBus Edge to connect your LoRaWAN network solution into your on-premise systems, or use the power and versitilty of the cloud to build your IoT platform.

Connect Everything With


Global connectivity for the Internet of Things. Fleet Space Technology use low earth orbit nano satellites to provide backhaul to anywhere on Earth.

The INDICIUM DataBus makes integration of your Fleet Portal simple. We've already integrated the DataBus with Fleet to make your data accessible. The user interface manages all aspects of the configuration allowing you to set-up data sources and data feeds easily and with confidence.


Choose Your Network

Indicium Dynamics can integrate with existing LoRaWAN networks, or build a private one for you.

Existing networks make it easier to get started as you don't need to build any infrastructure, but you can be limited by their existing coverage.



42-24 are a subsidiary of TasNetworks and are building a statewide network using NNNCo as the carrier. This partnership brings coverage across numerous states of Australia. Indicium Dynamics can provide integration services to connect you with data from your devices on this network.

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Definium Networks

Definium Networks are building a state-wide LoRaWAN network using Tasmania made gateways. Talk with Indicium about accessing this network and if Definium's custom hardware development service will help you with your projects.

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Build Your Own Network

Indicium Dynamics can build you a network where you need it. Our team have deployed gateway infrastucture around Australia providing private network coverage to utilities and goverment business enterprises.

We have experience in deploying off-grid solutions using solar and batteries, making sure you can get reliable services in the most remote places.

We can connect your gateways to The Things Network, or for a fully managed high availability solution we can connect you to our LORIOT instance.

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