Global connectivity for the Internet of Things


Low-Cost and Low-Power

Ultra-low cost satellite is now possible.


100% Scalabe IoT

Blended satellite and LoRaWAN for scalable IoT


Secure Private Network

Perfect for smart secure private networks


Seamless Integration

The INDICIUM DataBus makes integration of your Fleet Portal simple. We've already integrated the DataBus with Fleet to make your data accessible.

The user interface manages all aspects of the configuration allowing you to setup data sources and data feeds easily and with confidence.


Infinitely Extendable

The plugin architecture lets you choose where your data goes. We've done the heavy lifting getting data into Azure, AWS, SCADA and more.

Check-out our complete list of plugins to understand what can be achieved.

Connect Everything With


Fleet Pricing

Get your complete end to end solution for data collection.

  • Fleet Portal
  • Combining global satellite connectivity with LoRaWAN™ so you can build your network anywhere. Fleet Portals are optimised for remote scalable IoT applications: grow your network with Fleet.
  • Global Coverage
  • Includes LoRaWAN Gateway
  • 8 channel from AU$2400
  • Connect up to 500 devices per gateway
  • 16 channel from AU$3400
  • Connect up to 1000 devices per gateway
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  • Galaxy
  • Global low-cost LoRaWAN™️ coverage from Fleet’s cutting-edge NanoSatellites in Low Earth Orbit, built to scale with your business. Fleet is opening the world up for Industrial IoT with select partners by connecting millions of LoRaWAN™️ devices around the globe.

    Coming Soon
  • AU$10 / device / year
  • 500 kB / device / month
  • Free INDICIUM DataBus Plugin
  • Signup
  • Standard
  • Get started now -with a $29 per month subscription per portal. 10 free devices included!

    Available Now!
  • AU$29 / month / portal
  • AU$2 / month / additional device
  • 25 kB / device / month
  • Free INDICIUM DataBus Plugin
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